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ASI Security

All systems installed are fully compliant with the latest European Standards and NACOSS codes of practice:

BSEN 50131-1: 2006, PD6662:2010 & BS8243:2010

PD 6662 Grade 2X

This is a basic audible only system with the option of a speech dialler device. This system is suitable for most domestic and some light commercial installations. The system can be hard wired or wireless.

PD 6662 grade 2 / 3

Grade 2 / 3 systems are suitable for the high end domestic applications and all business and commercial premises. Most insurance companies will require grade 2 or 3 systems for these applications.

Methods of monitoring available are :-

Standard digital communicator – grade 2
Dual Com GPRS – grade 2 / 3
Classic B.T. RedCARE – grade 3
B.T. RedCARE GSM – grade 3
Emizon 21 – grade 3

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