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CAR-TUNE, Ashbourne

Car tune of Ashbourne is fast becoming one of the market leaders in vehicle re-mapping and engine optimisation. Using the latest software we offer everything from full power upgrades to great fuel saving economy maps tailored to suit your requirements. We offer a bespoke service for both individual and fleet vehicles whether car, van or light truck.

Chip tuning is a worthwhile investment for you and your company.

The way modern engines perform is largely controlled by a programme built into the ECU – Electronic Control Unit – as a result of re-programming the ECU (re-mapping) the way your engine performs can be modified to suit your particular needs.

In most cases this can be done quickly and safely through the Diagnostic Port usually located in the footwell of your car.

If you are looking to save fuel from your turbo diesel powered vehicle then by using our specialised tuning packages you can expect to make savings of up to 15% on each refill. An uplift in power of between 20 and 50% can also be gained. More power and more torque means fewer gear changes, improved throttle response and a much smoother overall drive.

The performance of almost any vehicle will benefit from this service whether it is used mainly for towing, motorway cruising or day to day driving. Car-tune Re-maps optimise the performance of your vehicle to bring the very best driving experience.

Car-tune also offer a range of performance parts including exhausts, air filters, diverter and dump valves as well as suspension upgrades and many other vehicle parts.

We guarantee a professional service and friendly advice.

Our website is currently under construction – if you would like more information or to chat about your needs please contact

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